Inquiry and Booking process

Booking possibilities with Nice Brazil:

Duet - Trio - Quartet - Quintet – Big Band all formations with or without samba-dance show


Band / Quintet (voice, piano, saxophone/flute, bass, drums)

Band / Quartet (voice, piano, bass, drums)

Concert program 1:

CD Meu Caminho – Jazz Brazil and Latin music with world-renowned songs from Bossa-Nova, samba and pop (modern arrangements from Holger Engel).


Concert program 2:

Danceable Brazilian music from Bahia and Rio de Janeiro (samba reggae, Axé music, samba,

Samba-Enredo, MPB)


Band / Trio: ( vocals, bass/guitar, saxophone/flute)

Duet – (vocals and guitar or piano)

Concert program Duet and Trio: From Bossa-Nova through jazz, Latin, pop up to samba.




To Nice Brazil Booking ( or by telephone +49 7042 289762.

This inquiry should cover the following:

• Desired date and time of concert/event

• Place of event (auditorium + city/place...)

• Contact details (address, tel, email) of concert organizer

• Target audience?

• Type of event? (concert, service, vernissage, workshop, festival, etc..)

NICE BRAZIL Booking will contact you upon checking request


Contract/ Rider

If concert date has been set, contract/ band rider will be sent to you. 


Flyers and posters can be ordered by Nice Brazil ( 
Photos and short texts for promotion purposes can be downloaded on this site PRESS

Concert dates

Dates already booked can be found at live. Especially for concerts outside of Germany, individual tours are advisable. Please contact us for desired dates, we will see what we can do!